How to join?

Individual Membership Application Minimum requirements
Art. 43. Individuals interested in participating in TWRA will be considered as individual associates, subject to the following technical criteria:
I – To be a teacher, researcher and technical professional with proven work that deal with water resources in tropical waters at the discretion of the Board;
II – Undergraduate degree;
III – The Lattes Curriculum must be updated at least 30 days before the submission of the member request;
IV – Be formally appointed by an associate member of TWRA (Regional Boards Director or vice director);
V – Pay the membership fee, as well as the first annual fee, to be defined by the Administrative Board for this category of member.
Individuals (Professionals) – R$ 120.00
Individuals (Postgraduate students) – R$ 60.00
Step by Step to join
1. The interested party should contact the Regional Board Director by email, providing their information through a letter of intent to participate.
2. The Regional Board Director checks that the person meets the minimum requirements and takes the candidate’s name to be deliberated in a Collegiate meeting;
3. After approval, the Secretary forwards the association form to the interested party;
4. As soon as the form is filled out and sent, the Financial Director generates the annuity slip;
5. After payment confirmation, the Secretary sends the associate certificate with a copy to the Regional Bord Director.