Project Portfolio

Tropical Water Research Alliance – An International Network for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Tropical Watersheds

Objective: To develop environmental technologies and methodological support for the development of integrated and sustainable management of tropical watersheds, through staff training and mitigation of the effects of environmental degradation and climate change.

Coordinator: Marcelo da Silva Moretti, Ph.D.

Status: In Progress

Duration: 36 months (start date: 24/08/2019)

Sponsor(s): FAPES

Investment: R$ 300,000.00

Patrocinador(es): FAPES

Investimento: R$ 300.000,00

Project to support the implementation and consolidation of the Tropical Water Research Alliance (TWRA) – Paraná regional office

Objective: Grant institutional shares of scholarships aimed at the coordination and assistance in the Implementation and consolidation of TWRA – Paraná Regional Headquarters, in the State of Paraná. The activities to be developed will have the supervision of the Superintendence of Science, Technology and Higher Education (SETI) and Araucaria Foundation and will be implemented from the coordination of the Alliance’s regional headquarters, located at UFPR – Setor Palotina with the assistance of the fellows’ institution (master and undergraduate).

Coordinator: Yara Moretto, Ph.D.

Status: In Progress

Duration: 2020

Sponsor(s): Araucária Foundation

Investment: R$ 81,600.00

Sustainable Development and Biodiversity conservation in the Tocantins-Araguaia watershed: Pilot Project

Objective: Conceptualization and study of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), with the generation of information at different scales, allowing the construction of robust models that can provide predictions about natural phenomena or environmental degradation.

Coordinator: José Francisco Gonçalves Júnior, Ph.D.

Status: Completed

Duration: 01/09/2021 to 30/08/2023

Indicators and indices of vulnerability and exposure to the effects of climate change in strategic sectors in the State of Paraná and development of a sustainability index

Objective: To propose and validate climate vulnerability indicators and predictors that assess climate risk in the current and future scenario, whether in natural or production ecosystems, in addition to creating an environmental, social and economic database covering the entire state of Paraná in order to quantify the vulnerability of a given region of the state and demonstrate its main weaknesses, point out trends or indicate phenomena that are difficult to detect.

Coordinator: Yara Moretto, Ph.D.

Status: In Progress

Duration: 40 months (starting 11/25/2021)

Sponsor(s): Araucária Foundation

Investment: R$ 866,540.00

International network for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in tropical watersheds

Objectives: I. Development of predictive and integrated models, orienting actions to face global changes in large spatial and temporal scales in the tropics of the Southern Hemisphere; II. Development of tools for the elaboration of management plans in local (riparian zones) and regional (hydrographic basins) scales; III. Development of tools, products, and technical guidelines for managers and decision makers; IV. Transfer of environmental technologies through cooperation among researchers, environmental managers, and society in general, disseminating information and technologies, in a two-way street, by means of a feedback process.

Coordinator: José Francisco Gonçalves Júnior, Ph.D.

Status: In Progress

Duration: 02/23/2022 to 02/29/2024

Sponsor(s): CNPq

Investment: R$ 1,000,000.00

Integrated assessment of bioeconomic threats and solutions in the Bahia region of the São Francisco River Basin

Objective: To identify different sustainable land management techniques and approaches to reduce threats to water security and bioeconomy in the São Francisco River Basin (BRSF).

Coordinator: José Francisco Gonçalves Júnior, Ph.D.

Status: Completed

Duration: 06/2022 to 02/28/2023

Sponsor(s): Griffith University

Investment: $56,000.00 (AUD)

Water for society: ecological restoration and water management for watershed revitalization

Objective: To propose integrated actions aimed at soil and water conservation, nature-based solutions, promotion of landscape connectivity, and strengthening of the seed and seedling production chain, as well as environmental education and rural technical assistance initiatives.

Coordinator: Alan Mosele Tonin, Ph.D.

Status: Waiting for a sponsor

Proposed duration for the development of the project: 5 years

Sponsor(s): MDR

Expected budget: R$ 16,993,812.00

Araguaia Vivo 2030: Program for conservation and sustainability

Objective: An ambitious evaluation and characterization of the Araguaia River basin, described as the most critical floodplain in Brazil, considering its biodiversity and environmental conditions at broad spatial and temporal scales, using innovative methodologies to guide, analyze, and based on scientific evidence, integrative policies that allow the conservation and sustainable use of the basin’s natural resources, stimulating the region’s long-term socioeconomic development.

Coordinator: José Francisco Gonçalves Junior, Ph.D.

Status: In Progress

Proposed duration for the development of the project: 5 years

Sponsor(s): FAPEG

Expected budget: R$ 15.954.000,00